Marching to the End

Kaylee Wallace

The marching band this year had a very successful run. This is one of the most successful years for the band, if not the most successful. According to assistant director Rick Castens, a reason why they were able to be so successful is because the music in Elevated did a good job showcasing the group in a way that they were able to execute it. He also said that “individually, while we did have things to work on, I think there were more people that contributed to the show overall than in the past. Plus color guard stepped it up this year with the new ramps.”

Their last performance of their show Elevated was on October 15, 2022. The band went to four competitions. One in Nixa, which was an exhibition, so they could not place. Then one in Mount Vernon, where they got best auxiliary, which is color guard, and placed first in their division, as well as second overall. One at Ozarko, where they placed third in their division and one in Mizzou where they placed fourth in their division.

Though what really matters to the band is always being the best they can be and improving with every rep they do. What they place and how they sound and look compared to other bands doesn’t matter to them, as long as they are trying their best, both as a whole band and as an individual, while also having fun. That’s what doing a good job looks like. They use the phrase “progress over perfection” to put this into simpler words. 

“I made many memories in marching band that I will never forget,” says flutist Hayley Lampe (9th).