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The Student News Site of Marshfield High School

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Cool down at the hot new ice cream spot

Ice cream is a staple during the summer. Many go to fast food places like Dairy Queen to get their treat but there’s another place in Marshfield to try. 

Planet Gumball is one of the newer businesses in town with a wide variety of ice cream flavors available. You can see each of their unique flavors when you walk into the store in a display window with descriptions of each flavor on the glass.

Ice cream isn’t the only thing they have though as there’s also a wide array of candy that you can get as well. Going inside kind of felt like those candy shops you’d see in older movies but with a slightly more modern look. 

I recently went and tried three of the flavors to review.

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Raspberry lemon Italian ice was the first flavor I tried and while you could definitely taste the raspberry the lemon wasn’t as noticeable to me. The flavor was still really good though and it wasn’t too sweet but also not super sour. Out of the three this was probably my second favorite but there isn’t too much to say about it.

The next flavor I tasted was called blue moon oats. The description for it in the store said it tasted like Fruit Loops and they were definitely right. While I’m personally not a fan of Fruit Loops, the fact that it tasted exactly the same was pretty impressive to me. It’s also super sweet so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of trying this flavor out. While the ice cream was good it’s probably my least favorite that I tried and I most likely won’t eat it again.

Leaving my favorite for last is their gumball flavor. I’ve always been a fan of bubble gum ice cream and gumball is pretty much the same with a different name. It has the same taste as gum with the “original” flavor and is also very sweet. Other times I’ve had the flavor there’s small pieces of gum in the ice cream that you can chew on once you’re done, but this one had pieces of what I’m assuming was gum but just got mushy and kind of dissolved when you chewed it which made it have a very unpleasant texture. I would definitely have it again but maybe just pick out the pieces as without it the ice cream was still really good. 

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