MESA Rides into MHS

Remington Trout, Contributor

Year after year MESA has allowed MHS students to ride horses and spend time outdoors. It all started  14 years ago when sophomore Nichoel Hider brought the idea to Miss. Fields a current science teacher. Mrs. Fields also shares a passion for horses and took the idea to the school board. She’s been the sponsor ever since. 

Although this club was started as a horse club it changed a lot since then. Mrs Fields says, “We want to promote good horsemanship and equality, we want people to love their horses.” 

Many students think that they have to have a horse in order to join but that’s not necessarily the case. Mrs. Fields stated earlier that MESA does more than just trail rides and horse play days. They also have their yearly trip to the AQHA  world finals in Oklahoma and their monthly meetings. 

MESA members rode in the homecoming parade this year, which was one way they chose to get the word out about their club. Mrs.Fields says  ̈We also post flyers, make announcements, and we have both Facebook and an Instagram account.¨ 

They’re are currently 12 members. Alexis Stevens is the president along with Mallary Totton as VP and Regai Stevens as the security. Every club has a different way of doing things.  Mrs. Fields says ̈I talk everything over with the officers then we take it to the members and have a group vote.” Kim fields have been the sponsor for the past 14 year and when asked if she enjoyed it her answer was simple ̈Of Course”. MHS  students can relax knowing MESA should be sticking around the high school for quite a while.