A Door to New Opportunities

Veronica Lampley

Marshfield High School has added a few new classes this year to the many options students already had to pick from. One of these new classes is Foundations of Education. 

Angela Hoefer, the teacher of Foundations of Education, said that the class is, “A college level course that education majors are required to take.” 

The class will also count towards the 50 mentoring hours that are required for the A+ program. In the class students will be able to pick an elementary level grade and create their own activities and lesson plans to learn what it’s like being a teacher. Foundations of education is currently only available 1st hour but is a full-year class open for all juniors and seniors. 

There is also a club that is in the works called Educators Rising where students taking Foundations of Education can join and work on assignments in the club and use them to compete in competitions for Educators Rising. Another new class is Jobs for America’s Graduates, or JAG for short. JAG is taught by Shelly Jones and, according to the official JAG website, JAG strives to help students with significant barriers unleash their potential and also become successful in life both academically and in the outside world.

 Both of these classes help students prepare or just learn about going from school to doing the career they want to do which brings many more opportunities to students who are still figuring out what they want to do. If you’re interested, make sure to sign up next year if you qualify to take either of these two classes.

Hoefer also said that “If you’re even interested in being a teacher, you should take this class to find out more about what it’s like.”