FCCLA On the Roll

Emily Croy, Writer

It’s that time of the year again when Family Career and Community Leader of America (FCCLA) starts making their hot rolls.
Right now the rolls are only being sold to staff due to an injury Joseph Bauer, one of two of the advisers for the club, faces. With Covid-19 still around they “didn’t want to over promise and under-deliver,” according to Tiffany Replogle, the other adviser for the club.
FCCLA is a club for all people that would like to help out in their community. This will be Replogle’s fourth year as an adviser and Bauer’s second.
“I think that a lot of people just think it’s a cooking club but it’s so much more than that” according to Replogle.
Some goals of FCCLA are to help students succeed in self-growth, and teach them about Family and Consumer Sciences education.”
With each new year there are plenty of fun activities that the members get to do. At the beginning of most years they are able to take a trip to Silver Dollar City for regionals. Our particular chapter is part of region 10.
Regionals is where they have all the different schools in the particular region get together and talk about the budget and community services project. After planning that stuff they get a motivational speaker to get everyone excited for the things to come. When all of that is done they are able to go ride the rides for the rest of the day.
Besides the fun trips they help out at the soup kitchen. By doing this members are gaining hours to help them if they want to become an officer.
In order to become an officer they have to have 10 hours of community service, 10 hours of fundraising and 10 hours of leadership. Additionally, “they go through a vetting process by the adviser. If they have senior officers they interview you also. Then the club votes you in after you meet all the guidelines,” according to Replogle.
While they’re gaining knowledge in a food kitchen, members can take what they know and apply it to the annual hot rolls fundraiser that they do.
The process of making enough the famous hot rolls is very long and is only able to be done with the help of Mr. Bauer’s cooking classes and those that stay after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They started making the hot rolls two days a week since October. This will be the 10th year of doing this to raise money for trips and activities throughout the year.
Hot rolls aren’t the only fundraiser that they do. They are planning on doing two more throughout the year, but are still working on the details about them.
For people that are look for a fun way to help the community this club would be an amazing opportunity for that.
Junior Olivia Kessinger, Transportation and Vice president of Fundraising has been in FCCLA for 3 years. She has this to say to people that are wanting to join,
“I would say DO IT! It is so much fun we get to do fun things and help people. It’s a blast. We get to make food and have parties and get to make endless memories with a group of people that become family. I would like to say that everyone is always welcome, no matter what grade you’re in or when you decide to join. Anyone is always welcome.”