Fun in Photographic Society

Cecily Hardie, Writer

It’s March 11, and school has just ended for the day. In room 108 the Photographic Society is gathering for an hour of activity and companionship.


Vice president Caleb Ralph and club member Kayla Canady are the only students in attendance. Club sponsor Mrs. Jennifer Glenn produces three colors of clay from a cabinet as club begins and Ralph comments on the unusually empty room.


“When I graduate, the club is going to die,” he says sadly. “There are people here when I push the club to other people, but when I leave no one else is going to push it.”


The three of us mold tiny cameras out of clay as we chat about the club’s activities. Photographic Society’s goal is to promote interest in photography. Sometimes they do little art projects like the one we were completing, or they held photography contests where the winning pictures would be posted in the hallway for all the school to see.


Ralph has been heading the club since his Freshman year, and now with graduation looming on the horizon he wants to leave the club in good hands. Club president Samantha Bargewell and the remaining non-graduated members will keep the organization alive. Students interested in photography and making connections with peers housing the same passion should contact Mrs. Glenn for the next club meeting date and come prepared to have fun.