Women of history

Morgan Wilkerson

This month it’s Woman’s history month. We celebrate womens month for women who have been fighting for justice and equality. To name a few milestones, in 1803 women were allowed to go to school. In 1920 women were given the right to vote. Finally, in 1972, women were allowed to wear pants. Here are a few amazing women in history and what they have done. 

Edith Wilson

Edith Wilson (Wikipedia)

Wife of the 28th president, Woodrow Wilson, she was First Lady from 1915 to 1921. President Wilson suffered a stroke in October 1919. She prescreened all matters of state, effectively running the executive branch of government for the rest of President Wilson’s second term. 








Grace Hopper: 

Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper was a computer pioneer and naval officer. Hopper got her Master’s degree in 1930, then her Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1934 from Yale University. She is known for her contributions to the development of computer languages with her idea of automatic programming and exploration of new coding.








Irena Sendler: 

Irena Sendler (NBC news )

During WWII Irena Sendler was a 29-year-old social worker. She worked for the welfare department of the Warsaw municipality. Later, during the German occupation, the department continued to care for the many poor and dispossessed people in the city. Sendler took advantage of her job to help the Jews, the job pretty much impossible after the ghetto got sealed off in November 1940. Sendler put herself in danger and got into the ghetto to help the dying Jews. As soon as she got inside, she got in contact with activists of the Jewish welfare organization and helped sneak Jews out of the ghetto. She saved a lot of Jewish children. On October 20, 1943, Sendler was arrested and later sentenced to death. She was sent to Pawiak Prison, but underground actives bribed the officers to release her. She continued to keep saving Jewish children after she was released.