Hot Head Baldwin

Destin Schroeder, Writer

On Friday, November 2, actor Alec Baldwin was arrested after punching a man in New York. He was reportedly in an argument with the man over a parking spot, which eventually lead to Baldwin assaulting him. Baldwin, 60, is a widely known actor. He’s been in various movies throughout the last few decades, his most recent movie is, “Mission Impossible: Fallout.” NYPD told Fox News at the time that Baldwin, who had no identification on him, “refused to [identify] himself, became belligerent, cursing and yelling. He was then placed in handcuffs.” This is not the first time the famous actor has had a run in with the law. In 2011, the former “30 Rock” star was removed from a flight after refusing to stop playing the game “Words With Friends” on his phone. In 2012, he reported a photographer getting aggressive with him in a New York street. Although he has yet to face any serious crimes, this is not a good look on a famous actor, something that could probably hurt him for any future job opportunities.