Whats going on in Iran

Morgan Wilkerson

Police arrested Mahsa Amini, a 22 year old, last month. Kurdish Iranian who was visiting Tehran. She wasn’t wearing her hijab correctly. (To properly wear a hijab you have to have all your hair in the scarf.) Amini wasn’t wearing her hijab properly, and had her hair showing. Amini was sent to a reeducation camp, which is a prison or  camp where people who broke the law go to undergo reeducation or indoctrination, after a few days she died at the camp. 

Her family thinks  that she died because she was getting beaten at the camp. Her death got out to the public who acknowledged her  which started protests throughout the world. As part of the protest the woman, took off their headscarf/hijab. 

Before the protests started. Iran in April 1983, passed a law that said “women must wear a hijab along with loose fitting clothing out in public.” The police claimed that Amini had a heart attack and passed out during the training on Hijab rules while still in their custody. Later a video was released of her in the hospital in a coma with bruises on her face with blood dripping from her ear. It went viral via social media, protests were “the largest masses of distortion Iran has seen in years.” 

What’s going on in Iran is a tragedy that is affecting women’s laws in Iran and the middle east are most likely going to change.