1, 2, 3 Mari-Go!

Destin Schroeder, Writer

A familiar video game has hit the app stores for mobile devices, Mario Kart. Mario has been an iconic video game character for decades now, and with the advancement of putting Mario Kart on phones, this ensures it’s reign over the video game world for the foreseeable future. The app has been a hit and is taking the social and gaming world by storm. On the first day of release the new app shot up to No. 1 gaming app on the I0S app store. Mario Kart mobile is only looking up with a soon to be released feature of the game, multiplayer. This was looked at as a negative when the game first released, but this new addition should only cause the games popularity to rise. The game includes all of the characters from the beloved franchise throughout the years, from Mario and Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Peach. With the characters also comes the carts. Each character has their signature cart and glider. Who you choose to pair these equipment items with is entirely up to you. The game focuses on races with randomly selected people around the world in a quest to see who can become first. The higher you finish, the more stars you earn to help you purchase new items such as new characters or equipment.  By using different karts and characters numerous times, you will eventually be able to level those items up, making them stronger and better choices for future races. Some characters are better built for certain tracks, which gives them an advantage against other racers who have characters who don’t ́t fit the type of track.

 “It’s really fun and it’s my favorite game on my phone,” said sophomore Ashlynn Schroeder.