Let It Snow

Veronica Lampley

As we’re in the winter months it’s getting colder and, as we saw during winter break, it’s even begun snowing as well. There was already a snow day in December, and another on January 25th. That leads to the make-up days. Last year there weren’t any make-up days, but that’s changed once again with Mondays being designated as the chosen day for any make-up. 

According to Mike Henry, the superintendent of the schools, the calendar is based on hours. Last year there were enough extra hours to not have to make-up snow days, but this year with having Mondays off there’s no longer the extra hours that there was last year which is why there are make up-days again.

Jennifer Green, one of the art teachers, doesn’t like making up snow days but still manages to make the most of her day.

“I love a good snow day. I make art”, said Green.

Green’s lesson plans haven’t been affected by the possibilities of snow days. Believing that it’ll be ok and even if they have school her classes will still be doing something fun.