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Dawn of a New Age

Man Vs. Machine


In 1920, a man, who goes by Rossum, traveled to an island originally for marine study, where he invented a substance that very closely resembles organic matter. It was used to create thousands of human-like creatures called “robots.” Fast forward later to the year 2000 when a huge factory has been built upon the island and produces thousands of robots a day, but disaster is soon to strike when the robots become a little too sentient and seek to overthrow their human creators.

“Rossum’s Universal Robots” (R.U.R.) A utopia turned dystopia in which robots have been created to serve humans in whatever way they see fit. What is very interesting about this play is that, despite being written by a Czechoslovakian novel/play writer named Karel Čapek over a CENTURY ago in 1920, it was actually the first time the word “robot” was ever used in any lexicon. The term robot in the Czech language actually means “forced labor,” as seen in the play of R.U.R. On February 23, 24 and 25 at the Carl and Glessie Young Auditorium the community can experience the play R.U.R. and decide, “Are you with the humans, or with the robots?


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R.U.R stars some talented student actors who play some very intricate characters.


Harry Domin (Jude Gann); R.U.R’s General Manager

Mr. Fabry (Braden Mooningham); R.U.R’s Chief Engineer

Dr. Hallemeier (Evelyn Wilcox); R.U.R’s Psychologist-in-Chief

Dr. Gall (Rossi Reed); Head of R.U.R’s Physiological Department

Consul Busman (Theo Mann); R.U.R’s Manager Director

Alquist (Jasper Boone); R.U.R’s Clerk of Works

Helena Glory (Bryn Clayton); President of the Humanity League

Nana (Kylee Lyall); Helena’s maid


Sulla (Natalie Cruise); A robotess

Marius (Allie McCormick); A robotess

Radius (Aaron Coleman); A robot activist

Robot 1 (Natlie Troughber)

Robot 2 (Alton Smith)

Primus (Jeremiah Cardoza); A robot

Helena (Mya Doty); A robotess

Thoughts from the cast

“I’m excited to see how it turns out because the script is very interesting.” -Theo Mann

“I’m very excited to be able to scream on stage in front of everybody, I’m also excited for all of the costumes and all of my most expressive and emotional friends playing the roles of emotionless robots.” -Bryn Clayton

“I am excited to be one of the leads because I’ve never been one before.” -Evelyn Wilcox

“I’m excited to grow more with my theatre family” -Braden Mooningham

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Aaron Coleman
Aaron Coleman, Newspaper
My name is Aaron, and as it's my last year here. I hope it is as good as everyone says senior year is. I'm hoping to go into film production and make movies as a career, especially because creating stories is something I enjoy doing in my own time just as a way to pass the time. I decided to take the newspaper class as a more chill experience and because I enjoy writing whether it's my own story or someone else's. I'm also involved with both Cantus and Concert Choir so the stories are bound to be good from them.