Student Of The Week: Ricardo Aguimo


Student of the week Ricardo Aguimo(left) , stands with his prom date Alexis Moon (right), senior.

Abigail Swanigan

Ricardo Aguimo is a foreign exchange student from Brazil and a current senior at Marshfield High School.

“So, my dad always told me that the United States was the best country in the world, and stuff like that. I have cousins that came to the United States through the exchange program and they said it was the best experience that they have ever had, so it was one of my wishes to come here and it finally became true because I am here now,” said Aguimo.

Amugio is planning on going home to Brazil for about a month but then he plans on coming back to the United States to get his college degree. Aguimo has already committed to Evangel University and is signing with the school on senior signing day this year.

“When I first got here something that really stuck out to me was the winter. The United States’ winters are a lot colder than what they were in Brazil. The food also stuck out to me, in Brazil we had a lot of homemade food and here it is a lot of fast food. The food in both places is good but I enjoy Brazil’s food more,” said Aumigo.

In school, Aguimo enjoys the subjects of government and environmental ecology.

“I like government because I think it is important to know how the government in the United States works because I plan on staying here and coming back for college,” said Aguimo.

Outside of school, Aguimo enjoys hanging out with his friends, watching football games, baseball games and basketball games.

“When I first met Ricardo I thought he was really funny but I thought he was a baby,” said Truett Gardner, senior, “There was a jump part in the movie The Meg and he screamed like a little girl when it happened.”

Aguimo can be considered a person that is friendly and loyal. He is a nice person and he always try to do the best for the people he cares about.

“I would describe Ricardo as a tan person that is very kind, a cool person, and intelligent (a little),” said Brock Utecht, senior.

Aguimo has enjoyed his time in the United States and is excited to come back for his college education.

“I love the fact that I have got to meet so many cool, new people that I would have never gotten the chance to meet in Brazil, so I am really glad I came to the United States,” said Aguimo.