Student of the Week: Maycee Fishel


Student of the Week 04/29: Maycee Fishel.

Abigail Swanigan

Maycee Fishel is a senior at Marshfield High School for the 2018-2019 school year. She is a dancer on the Jaywalkers, which is the high school dance team. She is also involved in YEP club, National Honors Society and Student Council.

“What I enjoy most about school is getting to hangout and see my friends every day. I like seeing my friends everyday because they make school a lot more enjoyable,” said Fishel.

After Fishel graduates high school, she plans on going to Ozark Technical Community College and then hopefully obtain her associates transfer degree.

“I still don’t really know what I want to do like as a career so that’s why I am going the OTC route. It will be easy for me to explore what I want to do this way,” said Fishel.

Fishel is a funny, outgoing, bright and sarcastic person. She doesn’t care about what others have to say and think about her because she is just her own person.

“My favorite part about being around Maycee is her contagious smile and laugh. Anytime I am around her I have a good time and make the best memories! She’s the best! But I love all the girls weekends when we shop, go to eat, and the hilarious dance parties we have and when she threw me a surprise birthday party! She is kind, the prettiest person ever, and super goofy. You can always rely on her for anything. She always has your back and makes everything so much fun,” said Mallory Totten, junior.

Fishel has a pet peeve of when she is sitting down to eat a meal and people around her are chewing their food really loudly. She also is bothered when people smack their gum. While she seems pretty normal and well rounded, Fishel has a weird interest, she loves reading the one and only conspiracies.

“I really enjoy these because they are fun to read about and they really make you think about what is actually true,” said Fishel.

Fishel is the type of person you always want to be around. She has a great attitude and does not give up.

“Maycee is absolutely beautiful, with a heart of gold. She is the type of person to always have a smile on her face and be uplifting when you need her the most. Everyone needs a person that will motivate them to be a better person and that is definitely her. Also, she is always there for you no matter the time of day. You should 10/10 be friends with Maycee,” said Summer Nelson, senior.