Student Of The Week Lucas Crump


Lucas Crump student of the week, playing his guitar.

Abigail Swanigan

Lucas Crump is a freshman this year at Marshfield High School. Crump plays golf for the high school boys golf team, he was the manager for the high school boys basketball team this past season and he is in Boy Scouts, Troop 88. Crump is also very interested in different genres of music and he likes different instruments used to make music. Crump plays the guitar, the piano, the bass, the ukulele, the drums and lastly the harmonica.

“I’ve always listened to music, it’s calming and awesome, plus playing music is something that my family does my brother plays the bass while I play the guitar and we just jam out,” said Crump.

While he is not a big fan of having to come to school everyday and spend almost eight hours in the school building, which according to Crump is “boring,” he enjoys the subject math and he also enjoys choir, but he enjoys all sorts of music so this is a no brainer to figure out.

“Math just always have come easy to my family so it’s simple for me to remember and choir just a fun sometimes challenging class where u (sic) can just relax and sing your heart out,” said Crump.

Crump could be said to be a funny, kind, artistic talented and a great singer and guitar player.

“My first impression of Lucas was he seemed really nice and looked like a good friend. He was a little annoying but when you get to know him you can tell he has a great personality,” said Alissa Hughey, freshman.

Crump is a firm believer in sticking what you know and to know what you want and to not stop until you reach that goal. He doesn’t have a lot of pet peeves and he thinks that the only unique thing about him at this moment is that he is so musically inclined. Crump actually performed in the Marshfield High School talent show playing the harmonica and the guitar while singing.

“He is definitely a very talented kid and his performance at the talent show was fun and cool,” said Taylor Stephens, sophomore.

With three more years in high school, Crump is ready to focus on the future ahead of him and not worry about what has happened in the past.

“I would definitely recommend Lucas as a friend to everyone. He is all around a pretty neat dude! He has an interesting life so whatever you are going through (most of the time), he understands. He is always there for you, and has a sixth sense on when something is wrong,” said Jennessa Dishman, freshman.