Student Of The Week: Anne Gray


Student of the week, Anne Gray.

Abigail Swanigan

Anne Gray is a junior at the high school for the 2018-2019 school year. She is involved in many things throughout the school, she is a varsity player on the high school volleyball team and she plays on a competitive team outside of the school. She is a part of Spanish club, she is super active in student council and she is a part of the college ambassadors club. For the 2019-2020 school year she has been elected as the student body president alongside her good friend Sydney Cox, who is also a junior.

“Anne and I have known each other all our lives but we really grew closer in sixth grade. We became instant friends. There is not a woman more bold, nor a woman who makes me laugh harder than Anne. She is unapologetically opinionated and a true inspiration. She is a joy in and out of the classroom,” said Cox.

Gray can be described as a funny, witty, outgoing and a spontaneous person. She wishes everyone would have as much fun as you possible can and be kind to everyone.

“The thing I admire most about her is her fearlessness, and her loyalty. She is never afraid to stand up for women, and she has the ability to be everyone’s friend. This world needs more people-and more leaders- like Anne Gray,” said Cox.

Gray is a super interesting person. She enjoys reading, if you ever need a book Gray probably has it in her personal library. She also loves to watch movies and spending free time with her close friends.

“I love movies! I love the story line and seeing all the emotions of the characters,” said Gray.

Gray is not sure where she would like to attend college at the moment, while she still has one more year to decided before she graduates from Marshfield High School, the only foundation for a college choice as of now is that Gray claims she wants to “hopefully go somewhere far away”.

One of Gray’s pet peeves is that she dislikes when people talk really fast. She is not sure why she dislikes it, she just does not like it. So, if you happen to run into Miss Gray, make sure to speak slowly and clearly.

Gray was asked what she thinks is most unique about her, she responded saying, “I have brown hair,” then began to laugh, which sums up the humorous side of her.

She doesn’t enjoy much during school but she does enjoy the pep assemblies the school hosts. “I really like the hype of them and all the excitement during the assemblies,” said Gray.

Gray’s favorite quote is: “You do not yield,” which is a quote that could have many different meanings, so the next time Gray is in your presence, ask her the meaning and why she likes it, you will love the answer.