Student Of The Week: Truett Gardner


Truett Gardner is a senior at Marshfield High School. He is involved in many different sports and school activities such as: varsity football, varsity baseball, varsity basketball, FBLA, Student Council, Student Cabinet, National Honors Society, YEP Club and FCA, freshman and sophomore year. Gardner is planning to attend college at Evangel University to play baseball.

“Truett is a really nice person, he is really good at sports and is really funny. I am so glad he became one of my best friends in the United States,” said Ricardo Aguimo, senior foreign exchange student.

Gardner does not like when people lie to him when he knows the truth and does not like when people touch his face for no reason, so do not touch his face. Gardner loves to play sports, being around his friends, hunting for turkey and he enjoys playing video games.

“I love video games. I like Battle Royale games, but I do not like Fortnite very much. I also love Modern Warfare 2 and any game that has Black Ops in the title,” said Gardner.

At school he enjoys playing sports and he enjoys being able to talk and be around his friends.

“I enjoy being friends with Truett because he is always content with what we are doing and it’s always a good time when you are with him,” said Brock Utecht, senior.

Gardner is a very charismatic person. He could also be considered funny, outgoing and a great leader.

His favorite quote is “Go big or go home,” which the quote describes itself, he is also a very athletic student so the quote fits his personality very well.

“I thrive in sports and it’s nice being good at something and being able to represent the school in a good way,” said Gardner.

If he had to give a younger student advice he would tell them to: “Stay in school, don’t do drugs, and have some fun while you are here because sooner or later you will not be able to see them as much as you can now.”

“Do not think you have to change your life for other people, be yourself,” said Gardner.

Gardner said he is not a very secretive person and so everybody pretty much knows that he has a fake tooth. If you did not know that then you have learned something interesting about Mr. Gardner. Gardner still is known for having  a bright vibrate smile that can light up the room when you walk in it.

“He is a vibrant young man, and I enjoyed playing football alongside him,” said Utecht.