Student Spotlight

Bradyn Porter, writer

This week we recognize sophomore Eli Steffen. Steffen plays football and he wrestles for MHS. Steffen had an excellent football season as he averaged a lot of yards for JV when carrying the ball. Steffen also kicked for JV and set the record for youngest kicker to kick a field goal for football in Marshfield. His favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys and he loves Dak Prescott.

That is not all Steffen is interested in. Steffen loves trucks too. His genius hour project this year is putting his truck back together so he can drive it when he turns 16 in January. Steffen races dirt bikes and practices everyday he can. Steffen quoted, “I love to race dirt bikes, my dad and I work out in the field by our house to make ramps or bumps that I would have to face when I’m out there racing.”