Girls Basketball Games


Alexis Stevens and Reagan Stevens are dressed in their red white in blue. They are ready to cheer on Serenity Crosby

Harleigh Davidson , Writer

There was a girls basketball game against Mt Vernon Tuesday, Jan. 22. Varsity lost their game, while JV ended up winning their game. Senior Jeydon Jones said, “Even though we lost I think we played good and put up a good fight.”

The girls were up points in the beginning of the game. Varsity ended up getting behind during the second quarter. Loud Crowd’s theme for the night was “Cowgirls and Cowboys.” Everybody dressed in their boots and flannel t-shirts, some people even wore cowboy hats. They cheered on their team even though they didn’t win. Freshman Rachel Rost said, “Dressing up to be a part of Loud Crowd is a good way to get involved and it’s always really fun.”  

There was another girls basketball game on Thursday, Jan. 24. They played against Springfield Catholic. The JV team won and the varsity ended up losing.  Loud Crowds theme for the night was “Merica.” Everybody dressed in their red, white and blue clothing. Freshman Noah Totton said, “I think ‘Merica night was a good idea, a lot of people dressed up and it was super fun cheering on our team.”