Marshfield Wrestling is back on the mats

Emily Croy, Writer

After facing a difficult season last year with the Covid-19 rules, the Marshfield Bluejay wrestlers managed to figure things out. The girls went 16-0 for their duals, and the guys went 20-7. Six boys and four girls went to State. One boy, Daylon Kaneigieter, placed second, and Kiana Massie placed fourth.
Besides being undefeated in duals, the girls also had Kylie Martin be the first girl in Marshfield history to sign with a college. She that signed to wrestle at William Penn.
She felt “it was really scary, but exciting, because I was the first girl to sign for wrestling. I felt like I was opening up an opportunity other girls in wrestling that they may not have thought they had.”
This season the coaches are wanting students to give it their all with work in the practice room to reach the goals they have set for this year.
This practice room could be a place where students just come and forget about the outside world for a little bit. What they worked on in there could be the best part of someone’s the day.
To remind them of their purpose, they have a sign in the aux gym that says the following:

  1. I am thankful for the opportunity to wrestle.
  2. I am aggressive and relentless.
  3. I have no fear of losing or making mistakes.
  4. I never give up.
  5. I take care of business.

While all of these mean a great deal to the wrestlers, a big one is ¨I never give up.¨
Wrestling is a very hard sport physically, but it’s even harder mentally.
“You’re all alone on the mat. That other person ain’t on your side. So you got to have confidence in yourself that you can beat them no matter how fast, big or small, tall or short. Having confidence in yourself is key,” said Josselynn Yates, senior and second year wrestler.
With this season just beginning for the Marshfield wrestling team they are looking forward to having the opportunity to prove themselves, being able to feel the adrenaline rush of a live match – even when they’ll face hard times such as injuries, tough competition, and many hard work days in the practice room.
The wrestlers had their Blue and White tournament, November 19. The first official meet will be December 2 at West Plains High School at 5:00 p.m.