Clues For the Rally

Kaylee Wallace

In January, the school hosted a rally day dance for grades 9-12 despite having to cancel school earlier on in the week due to snow. This year’s theme was Clue and the spirit days tied in with that having everyone wear yellow for Colonel Mustard, blue for Mrs. Peacock, pink or red for Miss Scarlet and white lies for Mrs. White. That Thursday there was a pink out girls’ basketball game and wrestling match that both took place in the high school gym.

The senior coronation took place between the two athletic events. Winning the crown were seniors Riley Manary and AJ Tabor. The other senior candidates were Michelle Johnson, Lillian Mccormick, Masie Totten, Andrew Beckner, Kelby Hyder and Logan King. The rest of the court consisted of freshmen Dane Robinson and Taryn Mohn, sophomores Michael Brazeal and Alexa Brewster, juniors James Kirkpatrick and Addison Houston.

The dance finally took place on Friday where high school students of Marshfield got together to dance. There were snacks and different activities like face painting, black light bubbles, and a photo booth.