First JV track meet of the season, cancelled.


Irene Smith, Writer

There was a JV Track Meet on Tuesday March 27, 2018. It started at 4 p.m. and ended at 6:30 p.m., doing mostly relays. Coach Caderly is the head coach along with Coach Messick for high jumps and hurdles, Coach Gray for distance, Coach Seiger for sprints, Coach Myers for pole vaults and Coach Bridges for triple jump and long jump.


Randy Ryder, freshman, says he’s really nervous for his first high school track meet, but also ready for it. “My coach hasn’t told me what events but it will be distance,” Ryder claims. “It could be the mile, 400, 800 and I don’t know if they’re doing the 2 mile yet.”


Ryder says there are many freshman and sophomores doing at least one event, but before anyone could run, the rain got to the track first. Due to weather, the track meet was cancelled. The next JV track meet was on April 3, 2018.