Student Professional Development Day

Harleigh Davidson, Writer

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Student Professional Development day was held on Friday, March 8, at 12:30pm. A few months ago Amanda Badgett asked students to provide information about topics they would like to learn more about. The school then found some speakers who will come to school and cover the topics.

Students were able to purchase tickets for PD starting Feb. 22. Badgett sent a link to all students in the high school through email. The link took you to a site where students could chose four topics they would like to learn more about.

The students spent each hour starting at 12:30 learning about the topics they chose. There were students from 9th through 12th grade in each subject. Speakers volunteered to speak on their subject for an hour each. Students got to listen and learn about the topics they picked.

Having such a wide variety of topics gave something for every student. There were topics about sports, technology, cooking, college, dogs and even makeup. This gives students the opportunity to learn about topics they are interested in but are unable to take a class about.

Sophomore Susanna Combs said, “I think the selection was pretty broad and the college ones were very useful indeed. Almost all of my sessions were good and the presenters did a pretty good job, by the end I think some of the kids were just ready to get out of there though so my 4th session was dead.”  

Each speaker got to speak for an hour and then students would go to their next topic. Freshman Jade Anderson was very happy with the classes she got. Her sessions were The Social Media Warp Hole and the Abyss of the World Wide Web, 10 Tips to Help You Win a Private Scholarship, How to Graduate from College Debt Free and See it, Own it. Anderson said, “I thought it was cool. I really enjoyed how we got to learn about those even though some of us are freshman. I appreciate all the people who taught us everything!”