Swimming into the Championship

Abigail Swanigan

Marshfield’s very own girls swim competed in the Big 8 Championship Meet. The meet was held at the YMCA in Monett, Missouri on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019. The team finished sixth at the meet.

Margaret Groenke, sophomore, placed sixth in the 200 and free, she also tied for second in the 100 breast.

“My favorite part about swimming is meeting new people and becoming friends with people from other states and schools, as well as getting to know and work with different coaches.” said Groenke.

The swim team has multiple meets throughout the year.

“In swim we race against other high school girls, we practice everyday to race for 40 seconds and beat our best times,” said Groenke.

Some of the swimmers even say that swim is calming for them.

“When I swim it helps me think and work out my problems,” says Danielle Deane, sophomore.

The girls varsity swim team is coached by John Mullen. As a coach he pushes the girls to do their best in a meet.

“The hardest part about swimming would be staying motivated when your not dropping time. You have to stay in the competitive mindset even when you’re disappointed in yourself and are not dropping time,” said Groenke.

The varsity’s next swim meet is Saturday, Feb. 1, 2019 at the SWMO finals.

“I think the best thing about swim is that it is a team sport, but also individual,” said Groenke. “During a race the only thing I’m thinking about is the clock and beating the girl next to me.”