Constitution Project

Harleigh Davidson, Writer

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The kick-off for the Constitution Project was Wednesday, Sept. 5. The MHS students Jordyn Koons, Ethan Ragsdale, Destin Shroeder, Haley Barker, Haley Estal, Kelsey Schmitz, Mackenzie Sharp, Caleb Ralph, Darby Foster, Chandler Zimmerman, Sara Welch, Holly Smith, Emily Whitehurst, Elijah Wolfard, Harleigh Davidson, and finally Colton Arentz all participated in this.

Then on Oct. 18 the criminal and newspaper teams went to Seymour to start the competition. They went to investigate a crime scene that the Highway Patrol set up for them. Everything went the same as what a regular crime scene would have.

In Seymour the criminal team was able to investigate the whole crime scene. The criminal team examined the weapon, the bloody shoe print, and the people. They had to find out who did the crime and how they know it was them. While they were doing that the newspaper team was trying to question witnesses and anybody that was involved in the crime. After getting kicked out of the crime scene three times, they were able to find a way to talk to 3 people. The two witnesses were Coltan Ralph and Elijah Wolfard. The newspaper team would tell them to come to the door and they talked to them over the crime scene tape. They were able to get good information, overall it was enough to write their story and record their video.

On Thursday, Oct. 25, the constitution project team went to the Springfield Courthouse. The lawyers were able to do everything that regular lawyers would do such as bring evidence and call witnesses to the stand. The newspaper team  had to leave halfway through with a fake verdict to start writing. Lastly, the criminal team sat and watched as well.

The Constitution Project so far has been a success. Marshfield won the last competition at the Sprigfield courthouse and will move on to finals. “I’m really excited to continue on and I’m really glad that we won,” stated freshman Haley Barker.