One Last Show for Home

Destin Schroeder, Writer

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Michaela Bledsoe
Senior Blue jays line up next to their fellow senior teammates and their parents.

On Friday, October 6, the Marshfield football team played their last home game of the season. This was a significant game not only because it was the last home game, but because it was the last home game for the class of 2018. It was a very emotional night for not only the players, but the friends and family of the players out on the field as well.

Senior football player Jason Whittington weighed in on what he loved most about that night and how he felt about his football performance throughout his high school career. “The support we had from all the fans and family that’s seen us play from when we were so little. This is probably the worst I’ve played throughout my career, but I am truly proud to be a Bluejay and I’m proud of the way I’ve played throughout my high school career.”

Football coach Adam Wright said this about his senior players’ performance. “I have coached this group of seniors for a couple years now and they are really a good group of guys that are fun to be around. I am proud to have coached these seniors and I know that whatever they do after high school they will be successful, because of the fact that they committed themselves to playing football and have learned many quality lessons from their time as a blue jay football player.”

 Another great group of young men have played their final game of their high school careers and must prepare to face the new challenges that life has in store for them.