MHS football team loses homecoming game

The Marshfield Bluejays after tackling a player on the Reed Springs football team.

Irene Smith, Writer

The Marshfield Bluejays varsity football team played against Reed Springs and lost 48-14 in the homecoming game on Friday, August 29, 2017. The team felt pretty confident about this game.

“The boys were confident and excited, but they were also extremely tired before playing against Reed Springs,” Paul Lewis, one of coaches of football team says about the game. “It was a letdown, but I know they will one day get themselves together and play against a team and win.”

“I was nervous for the guys,” Garrett Cantrell, JV, says about the Varsity football team, “Already losing last week it had to be a lot of pressure especially it being the homecoming game.”

Trenton Kannegator, Varsity, says the guys were not on the their best tonight. “We were very nervous and exhausted,” Kannegator claims, “I think that we could of done way better than our performance on Friday.”

The Marshfield Bluejays football team hopes they will get a win against Bolivar on October 6.