Girls go on the green

Irene Smith, Writer

The Marshfield High School girls golf team swung their way into their first home tournament on Tuesday August 29, 2017. Cheratin Hunter, coach of the MHS girls golf team, says she felt confident about the girls going into the tournament. “I knew it was a smaller tournament for us and good competition, so I felt we would go out and have a good showing,” said Hunter.

“It was exciting, but nerve wracking because it was a varsity tournament,” Paige Cologna, a freshman on her first year with the team, says about the six hour long tournament in Marshfield.

“The overall performance was not our best, but we did have two individuals have solid rounds for us,” Hunter says as the girls placed fifth out of twelve teams. The girls all thought they did very well on their performance, but also agree they could’ve done better. Hunter says just being mentally prepared before and during every tournament is huge in golf.

“I think we can all learn something from each tournament,” Cologna says, “Each tournament makes us stronger, even if it’s by a little, I know we can do better in our next tournament.”

The girls have been competing all year and in a golf tournament against Seymour on Aug. 24, the team placed second out of twenty teams. The girls on the team felt confident about scoring high in this tournament. The girls hope they will improve their scores in their next tournament on September 18 against Bolivar and Buffalo.