New teachers at MHS Pt. 2

Morgan Wilkerson

This is part 2 of our series on the new teachers of MHS. 

Sharon Deese is the district English Language learner (or ELL) instructor. She works with students who’s first language isn’t English. She taught for 7 years. “The district has been so welcoming to me. The teachers and administrators have gone out of their way to make sure I have what I need to do my job well,” said Deese. The biggest challenge is having English learners in 5 different buildings with diverse abilities and needs. She is very proud of her students learning English and the progress they make every day.

Brandy Heithold a physical science and biology teacher, is doing her first year of teaching. Her favorite thing about teaching is that Marshfield is where she grew up. “Quite a few of my teachers are now my co-workers! Kim Fields cultivated my love and interest in science, so it is exciting to learn from her as a mentor now.” His biggest challenge is finding a healthy work/home balance. She is also still in school so it’s hard for him to find a balance for her own schoolwork and making lesson plans. She really likes how every day is something different. 

Josie George is one of the math teachers and is in her 5th year of teaching. George’s favorite thing about teaching “is the students. I have genuinely loved getting to know the community of students this year.” The biggest challenge has been getting students to turn their work in. She likes to teach students how to problem-solve and think through the equations.

Colin Bernskoetter is also math teacher. Like Heithold, this is his first year teaching. “Interacting with the students is definitely the best part you guys make it worth coming in every day,” said Mr. B., as the student’s call him. The biggest challenge is grading work. Bernskoetter’s favorite part about teaching math is that it makes his students think about the equations. Bernskoetter was also an assistant coach for girls basketball.