The Finals Countdown

Veronica Lampley

May is when Marshfield High School does their finals. EOCs are done closer to the end of April with some in May, so this month we’ll be sharing our annual tips towards preparing for the finals. 

The difficulty of each final or EOC depends on class, as Anna Metz, a senior at MHS, puts it, “Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised by an easy final, but other times you are taken off guard with a hard final.  Finals that are projects usually are not bad, but some of the tests are hard. It can be difficult to try to remember back to what you learned in January or August. But normally both finals and EOCs will not be as big of a deal as you thought.”

Metz has also stated that math, science, and history finals are usually the hardest finals for her. 

She’s also said that how long she studies depends on the class, “In certain classes, I might only study in class, but for other classes I could spend some time reviewing study guides. Anywhere from no time on my own to maybe up to 45 minutes.”

Metz has also shared some studying tips. “When studying for finals and EOCs, listen to what your teachers say while reviewing. I would say it would be pretty hard to actually study for an EOC, because even the teachers don’t know exactly what you will be asked. Complete the study guides and review assignments. Then review those and any notes you have. That is the main way I have studied for finals.“

While the official times for the finals haven’t been released, the days each hour will take their final is currently planned to be the following: 

  • 1st and 6th hour finals on Wednesday, May 24
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 7th hour finals are Thursday, May 25
  • 4th and 5th hour finals are Friday, May 26

Friday is also the last day of the school year and the high school will be released at 12:05.