Mobile Gamers

Kaylee Wallace

Nowadays our phones are something that most people use daily. There are several different types of apps, but one of the most common types is games. Everyone has their own preference for which they like to play, my favorites are “Cookie Run: Kingdom,” “Good Pizza, Great Pizza” and “My Singing Monsters.”

My all-time favorite game, “Cookie Run: Kingdom” is a game where you collect many different kinds of cookies ranging from a regular gingerbread cookie to a mushroom cookie. All of these cookies live in a kingdom that you get to design and grow, choosing what materials you make and what houses your citizens have. You get to fight with your cookies against the evil masterminds you see in the story, or you can fight against other players and their cookies in the arena and get put in different groups depending on your cookie’s level. There are also guilds in the game where you can play with your friends and gather your cookies to make one big team. 

I enjoy this game because there are so many different things to do and there’s always different events going on that give you new cookies or awards. My favorite thing to do is gather up enough gems in the game that you earn from helping the cookies, playing in the story, or even from the events, to spend them on trying to get new cookies. Some of them are common, whereas others are rarer, which means that the cookie is stronger. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys battling, building, or RPG games. 

“Good Pizza, Great Pizza” is a game where you open up a new pizza shop in town. Across from your restaurant is another pizza place with a very competitive owner. In the game, you follow the story of two pizza competitors and make pizzas every day for the citizens. You can decorate the shop however you wish with the money you earn in the game. Sometimes you will come upon customers who will give you special items or will give you a different story to follow. Watch out though, you might end up bankrupt if you use too many ingredients. This game is one of my favorites just because it is so unique. There are many jokes throughout the game and even some easter eggs if you look hard enough. This is the type of game that people who enjoy simulation games that also have a story behind them would like to play. 

“My Singing Monsters” has been around for over a decade and has been fairly popular all throughout its course. In fact, they are still making changes to it and coming out with new content. A while ago there was a flare in popularity for this game and one of the most popular songs became a joke on the internet. In this game, you combine different monsters that make their own unique sound to make other monsters that make a new sound. There are several islands in this game and each one has certain monsters that join together to make a song. I enjoy playing this game because the process of combining the monsters to catch new ones makes me really excited and I enjoy seeing which one I got, especially if it’s one I’ve been trying to get for a while. I also enjoy it just because the music the monsters make is really catchy and it’s honestly good. This game is for people who like simulation games or building games. 

While I might not be the biggest fan of puzzle games, I enjoy playing “Samsara Room.” It is a point-and-click puzzle game where you go on a mysterious quest through many dimensions to end an endless cycle to “become enlightened.” I enjoy this game because it has a slight story behind it and even though you don’t have to pay attention, it ties into other games made by Rusty Lake. I would say that anyone who enjoys tricky escape games or likes eerie games would enjoy playing this game.