Melanie Martinez’s “Portals” review

Melanie Martinezs “Portals” review

Morgan Wilkerson

After being quiet for 3 years Melanie Martinez released a new album. About a month before Martinez released the album she changed all of her old music videos and movie thumbnails to a grave that said ‘R.I.P. Crybaby’ referencing “Crybaby” the first album in her music series. Her album “K-12” shows what she goes through at school along with a movie at the end of the movie Martinez’s character Crybaby goes through a portal. The new album shows her in the afterlife after going through the portal. Here is a review of her new album. 

The first song is “Death.” “Death” is about when your body physically dies the spirit lives on. I really like the beat and melody. The remix part is my favorite part because it has a rock vibe and it’s a fun part of the song. I give the song an 8/10.

The next song is “Void.” “Void” is about self-reflection, specifically processing thoughts, emotions, and actions from the past. I really like the vibe of the song and how it jumps right into the song. The song is very relatable for people who overthink a lot. I give the song 10/10. 

The next song is “Light Shower.” “Light Shower” is about fitting in together in a non-sexual intimate way. The song is a lot slower compared to her other songs. There isn’t a remixed part which is okay since not all of the songs have a remixed part. To me, it’s just a boring song. It’s a 3/10.

The next song is “Moon Cycle.” “Moon Cycle” is about different types of women during menstruation. I really like the beat and rhythm of the song. It’s just relaxing and a fun song. I also think the lyrics are amazing, so it’s a 10/10. 

Finally “Tunnel Vision.” “Tunnel Vision” is about empowerment and self-worth. I don’t really like the song. I feel like her voice doesn’t really match the rhythm or beat. I think it has a good message, but the song isn’t for me. So I give it a 1/10.