A Week for Our Future Farmers

Veronica Lampley

During the entire week of February 20 the agriculture classes hold a FFA Week. The week has been a national tradition since 1984.

As Justin Cron, one of the FFA teachers, puts it “FFA Week is a time to share what FFA is and the impact it has on members every day. It is a time for ‘Promotion of FFA’ so to speak’. We spend time together as an FFA Chapter, grow closer as a family, and try to promote our FFA Chapter to the school and community.” 

During FFA Week students get to do many activities like bowling, skating, and have pizza parties. There are spirit days throughout the week, and even a special “Drive your Tractor to School Day.” 

The spirit week is held as a fun way to get all students and teachers involved in the week. Each year the officers get together and decide what themes they should do, making the dress up days different each year.

This year’s spirit days are: Western Day, Camo Day, Boots and Bibs Day, Dress like Your Ag Teacher Day, and Tractor Day. 

The main goal for FFA students is to be active in FFA activities. The teachers are hoping students will achieve it by communicating with others and getting out of their comfort zone. 

Cron says that “FFA Week is all about promoting FFA and what it means to each student. We hope that they will have a better appreciation for our chapter and FFA as a whole.”