Wendy’s Fundraiser


Ronda Hubbard

Flier for the fundraiser

Kaylee Wallace

Wendy’s is hosting a fundraiser to help all extra and co-curricular activities at the high school. On Wednesday, March 1,  show a paper or an electronic version of the fundraiser flyer for your order to count towards the event. Out of all the funds they make, 30% of it made that day will go towards the activity department.

Normally, the activities get their money through their own fundraisers and the money through the school budgets, but this will be a little different. Activities Director Ronda Hubbard explained that this fundraiser is not for any use in specific, instead it “will be put into a fund for all activities. So when they need something, I can help them.” She uses an upcoming choir trip as an example of what they might be using the money towards. 

Hubbard would like to make around $3,000, but she isn’t entirely sure how much they will make. This is the first fundraiser like this that they have ever done, so expectations are up in the air right now. If this goes well, she says that it would be great if Wendy’s would like to pair up and make this an annual fundraiser. 

“It’s a good and easy way for Wendy’s to support us and for us to support them,” states Hubbard.