Don’t put your grades up for adoption it’s not too late to raise them

Morgan Wilkerson

A new semester started which means a clean slate for grades. As we all know it is easier to keep the grades up rather than bring them up.  Even so, some students may struggle to keep their grades at passing. We talked to two teachers, Stacy Robinson, and Greg Holtschneider, about their suggestions on how to keep grades up. 

Both had taught for over 20 years, and they’ve noticed some changes, in the students’ studying habits. Robinson noticed students struggled a lot with making connections and understanding.  Holtschneider noticedstudents are having trouble with ignoring distractions, and expecting to get everything done in class. 

When it comes to suggestions on how to study better Robinson recommends for her students try to learn and understand the material instead of trying to memorize it.  Holtschneider recommends that students take a break from their social media and video games to review their notes and school work.

It’s not all gloom and doom. They have noticed that they do see students working on review packets, studying notes, and using flash cards. As a form of studying for their class’s upcoming tests and for other classes, Many students would quiz each other.