The Drive for Blood Drives


Veronica Lampley

Continuing our series over national month themes, this month is national blood donors month. Blood donors help to save lives. Blood is essential for surgeries, cancer treatments, illnesses and many more things. Donated blood helps cure people in need. In fact, according to Cedars Sinai, one donation is able to save up to three lives. 

While there are many blood donation centers in Springfield that you can go to, our school’s student council holds blood drives twice a year. Once in the fall, and then again in the spring. 

 In each blood drive they aim for at least 50 units of blood, or about 75 people.

Carter Detherow, the student who runs the blood drives this year, said that they usually get around 60 to 75 units of blood each time.

Detherow said they do the blood drives “to get the school involved. It’s a great cause.”

If you’re interested in contributing to the cause, the next blood drive will be on April 4. You’ll be able to sign up for the blood drive closer to the day of the drive.