DIY Christmas Crafts


Veronica Lampley

Making DIY Christmas decorations is one of the most popular activities for people to do during the holiday season. This season we’ve prepared some DIY crafts you can make using items you might just have lying around your house.

Popsicle Stick Snowman

This craft could make for a good ornament or activity to do with young kids.

Supplies: small piece of paper or cardstock, popsicle sticks, glue, markers

  1. Glue 6-7 popsicle sticks in a row onto the piece of paper 

  2. Glue another popsicle stick on top of the other popsicle sticks to create the hat

  3. Using markers or paint, color the hat black and draw on the face of the snowman. You can also use pieces of colored paper instead

  4. Add other decorations and details if desired, the popsicle sticks do not need to be cut but you can if you’d like 

  5. Wait for everything to dry and you’re done

Origami Gift Box 

This craft is a great way to wrap a gift without dealing with the hassles of wrapping paper.

Supplies: 2 square pieces of colored or patterned paper, one piece is roughly 0.5 inches less than the other, scissors, ruler, glue (optional)

  1. Put one of the pieces of paper pattern side down, fold in half hamburger style, and then open.

  2. Turn the paper 90 degrees and then fold in half again, open and your paper will be divided into four squares.

  3. Fold your paper corner to corner to form a triangle and then open.

  4. Turn the paper 90 degrees again and repeat step 3.

  5. Fold all 4 corners into the middle of the paper to form a square.

  6. Take the top and bottom edge and fold them to the middle, crease and then open them out.

  7. Turn the paper 90 degrees and repeat step 6 with the sides that weren’t folded.

  8. Open two opposite triangles and lay them flat.

  9. Fold the sides toward the center along the creases. (See photo below)

  10. The top triangle will start to pull up, collapse the corners and crease. (See photo below)


  11. Lift the top triangular flap up and over to form the 3 sides of the box.

  12. Turn 180 degrees and repeat on the other side.

  13. Repeat entire process with your other sheet of paper.

  14. Tape whatever needed, add finishing touches and you’re done.