A Christmas Flourish

MHS Concert Band playing at band concert.

Kaylee Wallace

On December 13, 2022, the Marshfield High School concert band and jazz ensemble put on a Christmas concert consisting of nine songs in total. The bands have been rehearsing since November after they performed at the Veterans Day assembly that took place at school.

“I look for music typically towards the end of October or early November and we pass it out right after the Veteran’s Day assembly is over,” band director Rick Castens says.

They usually try to find a handful of songs that they believe will showcase the band and their skill level perfectly while having some contrast within each song.

“The opener is a lot different than the second tune, and the third tune is kind of like a big Christmas medley, so there’s a whole lot of songs mixed up in there. Then the next one is almost like a rock tune on the fourth song and then there is a kind of a novelty tune on the last one, it has some popular Christmas tunes in some minor keys.”

Many of the band students were excited about this concert since it was the last time the whole band would get to play as a whole before they split into their two separate bands. Some others had their own personal reasons for why they enjoyed this concert.

“For me personally, I liked the concert because this was one of the first performances I got to play with my bassoon,” freshman Mackenna Mendes said. “Also, I was really excited because I really enjoyed our tune ‘Christmas Carol’ and thought that the audience would too.”