November: The Month of Military Families


Veronica Lampley

November is a time where people across America focus on what they are thankful for. While Thanksgiving is the main holiday we celebrate this month, Veterans Day on November 11 is a day to focus that gratitude towards members of the military. In fact, the entire month is even considered to be Veterans and Military Family month. 

Genevieve Vallentine, Special Education English teacher, was in the Air Force for three years. Amanda Walker, Special Education Social Studies teacher, was in the Navy for 6 years.

Vallentine joined the Air Force because, “I am a like, 4th generation military, so my grandfather was a Marine, and then my dad was in the Air Force. So growing up that was the only thing I ever wanted to do.”

Walker joined the Navy because, “I just needed something different.”

For those wanting to join the military Vallentine’s advice is to, “find the right job, find the job that’s gonna suit you, and just understand that it’s very different from what you’re used to. [It is] very different from civilian life, but you have to embrace it. My biggest advice is to enjoy the opportunity you’re being given.”

Walker’s advice is, “Go for it. It can change your life. You have friends that you’ll have for the rest of your life. It gives you discipline, you get to see the world for free. That was the biggest thing, is I could travel and see things that I never had a chance to see.”