Halloween Folklore

Gracie Skidmore


Hocus Pocus is not just a seasonal movie to watch and enjoy during the cool nights of October , In February of 1692 there were three real sisters who were accused of witchcraft.
Sarah Cloyce, Rebecca Nurse and Mary Easty were all accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. According to the Salem Witch Museum, Cloyce was indicted because she was accused of bewitching Abigail Williams, Mary Walcott and Robert Payne.
Williams was one of the first people to accuse someone else of witchcraft, saying Cloyce had possessed her which eventually started all of the Salem witch trials from 1692-1693. After the trials all three were found guilty of witchcraft, Nurse and East were sent to be hanged. As this was happening Cloyce took the time to escape.

Vampires are known as evil mythological beings that roam around in the dead of night in search of human blood, but did you know the history of vampires date back to ancient Greek mythology? The superstition started that they were real during the middle ages. We often associate vampires with Count Dracula and very pale people with sharp teeth, but for ancient mythology they were described as beings with red hair and light eyes In Greece vampires were told to bring great destruction to their villages.

American ghost stories have dated back since the first civilisations, when people claimed to get visits by people from the grave. Many of these stories from history are from seeing deceased shipmen or famous men or women from the White House. Abraham Lincoln is among these people, with presidents, first ladies, guests, and members of the White House claiming to have felt his presence and seen him wandering the corridors and rooms of the White House, back to when he first passed in 1865. The picture below was taken in 1870, and is a picture of Mary Todd Lincon, and what people have thought to be President LIncoln’s spirit behind her.

Mary Todd Lincon, with
Lincolns spirit 1870 from