Dream Unmasked

Kaylee Wallace

Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dream, who mainly posts Minecraft content, has been wearing a mask anytime he is on camera and avoiding showing his face anywhere since he started posting 8 years ago. His brand has always been of his iconic smiley face and to see his real face has been a shock to the internet. 

On October 2, 2022, the YouTuber posted a new video on his channel where he revealed his face after teasing his fans on Twitter saying, “The mask is coming off… see you all very soon : )” about a week prior. Once the video was posted it was only minutes until it blew up. On social media, the response was more on the negative side with many people saying that he is ugly and getting hashtags on Twitter such as “#HESUGLY” and “#PutTheMaskBackOn” trending worldwide. 

Many internet memes have also come out of this situation. Many people were expecting this type of reaction however, the YouTuber is often accused of having been involved with many scandals and is known on the internet to be controversial. 

“When you have 30 million eyeballs on you, a million, two million, people are going to be making jokes or mean or are not great people. When you take that big of a pool, there’s going to be a portion,” Dream said.