Christmas is Here

Destin Schroeder , Writer

‘Tis the season as the Christmas season has officially arrived with the Thanksgiving festivities officially coming to an end. If you haven’t already, it’s time to put up your tree and hang up your stockings as the big day will be here before you know it. Most people have their own family traditions of their own when it comes to this holiday which is why it makes it exciting and unique in its own way for everyone. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas bring an opportunity to reunite with family that live far away or just family that you’re not as close to.                                                      

“We usually do the same thing every year for Christmas where we just do all of my family events at once…it gets pretty hectic at times but it’s also nice to see family you don’t always get to be around,” said senior Andrew Norris.                            

“This year I am going to be traveling for Christmas and I am really excited… I’ll be seeing family that I rarely ever get to see,” said sophomore Mathew Diaz. 

Christmas also can make you feel joy appreciate other things in life other than family that you don’t usually think about why you should appreciate those things. 

“During Christmas time I stay home a lot and watch Christmas movies with my siblings and it’s kinda become routine at our house.” said senior Alexis Warren. 

The holiday season can also mean travel season for a lot of your family, including yourself. 

“Every year for Christmas me and my family go to Las Vegas because that is where I am from and we have a lot of family there,” said senior Parker Brusherd. 

No matter where or what you plan on doing this holiday season, it is always important to be with the people you love.