So long Seniors

Destin Schroeder , Writer

Every year seniors dedicate a chapter of their lives by committing to the college of their dreams. On  November 13, some seniors took that next step in their lives. Those seniors include Addison Crider, Thomas Mcillwain, Brennan Espy, and Brooks Espy. Crider committed to Central Methodist University to be a member of the school’s volleyball team. 

Mcillwain committed to Evangel University to join their baseball program in hopes of a new bright future. 

“I am looking forward for the new friends and the great experience of college, I am excited for baseball and college life and what it will hold for me,” said Mcillwain. 

Although he is excited for this new chapter in life, Mcillwain will miss the ties he made here in Marshfield.

“I will miss high school, mostly the friends I’ve made but also the teachers,” added Mcillwain. 

Brennan Espy committed to Drury University to join their baseball program and stick close to home. 

“I’m looking forward to making new friends and teammates and being able to learn to be on my own… I’ll miss high school, mostly the people I’ve become close with and the fun memories I’ve made …I’m excited to attend college because I can focus on the sportI’m playing and my schooling,” said Espy. 

Brooks Espy committed to Southwest Baptist University with plans on being a part of the school’s baseball team. 

“I’m excited to continue my baseball career and meet new people..I will miss high school and the friends I have grown up with,” said Espy. 

Espy plans on going into either a business workplace or into a sports training program. 

As a few more seniors have begun preparing for the next chapter of their lives, more will soon follow.