Weekly Music Reviews

October 30th – November 8th

Sam Hardie, Contributor

Goth Angel Sinner – Lil Peep 

Lil Peep was a great artist, but this new EP falls short. Lil Peep had his definite appeal with his earlier work while he was still alive, but now that he’s passed releasing his unreleased work seems kind of pointless. If he didn’t get to finish it or he didn’t want to release it yet why do it for him when he has no say? None of the tracks from this project are impressive, they all sounded the same. It was very textbook Peep. Electric guitar, sad lyrics, trap beat, heavy bass. Except this time without his live input it seems as though they fell short from what he usually achieved. “Come Over When You’re Sober” parts one and two were so good. They were works of art that could really be appreciated and maybe that’s because Peep had enough time to work on both of those himself so they were more authentically him. 

This entire EP also seemed to have been unofficially released before on Soundcloud and now his record label is trying to re-release it to make a quick buck. Since then, however, if he didn’t release it himself he might’ve not wanted it to be released anywhere other than the internet. Just speculation though. Either way, this EP is something to skip. It’s nothing new especially by Lil Peep. It’s disappointing to see such a talented artist fail like this. Maybe he has some better unreleased gems they’re saving. Who knows? Overall Rating: 5.1/10

Touch and Go – Tinashe and 6LACK

Coming back with her second single of 2019, Tinashe sweetly sings about a lover over a smooth R&B beat. The song, featuring 6LACK, was released November 7th and is a promotional single for Tinashe’s upcoming album titled “Songs For You”. The overall feel of this song is very smooth and slow. With soft pulsing synths over a trap beat, getting paired with violin halfway through the song. The lyrics consist of Tinashe wanting to fix a relationship with somebody while they’re refusing to. The passion Tinashe puts into the vocals are so simple yet so effective. Her flawless vocals are quickly met with 6LACK’s slow, raspy voice rap over the second verse. A huge plus to this song is how well their voices contrast and work together on this track, making it one of the best single released this week. 

Tinashe for a long time has been loved by fans and has been known as the most underrated artist as she started producing all of her music as well as making her own music videos. Since her getting more attention, the self-taught artist moved on and started working with more producers and directors to hone her craft even more. Her talent truly shines through with “Touch and Go”. This song definitely makes me want to give her albums a try. Overall Rating: 9.1/10

everything i wanted – Billie Eilish 

Billie Eilish comes back with her first single since her breakout debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” which debuted at #1 on Billboard Top 100. While Eilish is currently on her sold out tour, she released a new single last Wednesday titled “everything i wanted.” The song is a new sound which is refreshing to hear artists using different sounds then they’re known for. While it’s still an alternative pop song, it does have a different sound than the rest of her music. 

The lyrics are extremely dark as well, however that seems to be the normal for Eilish. The dream she mentions having in the song is a dream of her dying. She’s thinking that if she died nobody would care. “Thought I could fly/So I stepped off the Golden/Nobody even cried/Nobody even noticed”. When asked about the song she said it is about a dream she had where she killed herself and nobody cared. She said people were coming out and saying they hated her and the internet was making fun of her for killing herself. At the same time though the lyrics are about her relationship with her brother and producer, Finneas. In the chorus she sings “And you say ‘As long as I’m here, no one can hurt you/Don’t wanna lie here, but you can learn to/If I could change the way that you see yourself/You wouldn’t wonder why here, they don’t deserve you’.” This being taken from what Finneas would say to her to make her feel better. The song is her talking about her nightmare and her brother trying to comfort her. Overall it’s a very beautifully done song that is a different sound that I’m excited to hear more from. Overall Rating: 9.1/10