Doja Cat Proves She Can Do No Wrong On Her New Album “Hot Pink”

Sam Hardie, Contributor

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Doja Cat has some of the most creative lyrics of any modern rapper. She always comes up with creative wordplay, puns, alliteration, etc. for every single song. She still doesn’t disappoint on her sophomore album “Hot Pink.”

“Hot Pink” is Doja’s first album since she’s gained viral popularity over her song “MOOO!.” Yes, that’s the name of the song. It blew up as a meme back on August 10th of 2018. The lyrics coming from the viewpoint of a cow. No deep meaning, just a catchy, smooth, lo-fi beat song about being a cow. When asked about the track, Doja said she wanted to make a song to get musicians and fans to stop thinking all music has to be so serious. She wanted to make a high quality song that was meant to be funny. She spoke about how seeing musicians putting themselves on thrones (sometimes literally) felt tacky to her. She wanted to send the message to stop taking everything so seriously. 

Doja is also an advocate of women being comfortable with their sexuality, a common theme on this album. That’s not the only common thing on this album though, what’s even more common is the showcasing of Doja’s versatility. From having sounds of an early 2000’s punk song on “Bottom B***h”, to having a slower R&B-esque sound on “Better Than Me”, to switching to a Nick Minaj deep-cut sound on “Streets,” Doja shows she is more than a one trick pony. 

The album itself is insanely catchy. As each song ends and you feel upset that it’s ending, you get excited right away again because you remember the next song that’s about to play. There really aren’t any low points on the album. Closest it comes to is track ten “Shine” but even then that song is still catchy. It’s honestly impressive when one artist can continue making amazing tracks that become hugely successful but that’s what Doja did. For example she’s had major mainstream hits like “MOOO!,” “Tia Tamera,” “Candy,” “Go To Town,” “Juicy,” and those are just from one year. Also in Doja’s case, viral means viral. All of these tracks music videos rapidly reach anywhere from ten to fifty million views. It’s no wonder critics have been considering labeling her the new ‘Queen of Rap.’ 

All in all, Doja’s album has mainly themes of sexuality, self-confidence, and love. It’s refreshing listening to a rap album that isn’t just purely about doing killing people, narcissism, and money. While Doja has those elements in “Hot Pink”, she never over does it. Every Doja track is truly, without a doubt, a banger. It’s exciting to watch where Doja’s creativity will take her. 

Overall Rating: 9.2/10