Music to Their Ears

Destin Schroeder , Writer

Music is one of the most popular ways people use to connect with things throughout life and to provide them with happiness. The younger generation seems to be influencing the majority of the music flow. Most popular music artists out there today are in their twenties and making music that relates more to the younger generation with certain lyrics. According to, hip-hop/rap, has passed rock as the most popular music genre. With this genre surpassing rock and now becoming the power genre of the generation, it is only getting stronger and stretching the lead of the top spot. Artists like Drake, Travis Scott, and J. Cole are only a select few of the most popular artists from the hip-hop genre and really setting the bar at where real success is in the music industry. Sophomore student Noah Totten, shared some of his favorite music artists from this hot genre. 

“At the moment it is J.Cole, Travis Scott, “Immortal” by 21 Savage, and Stuck in a Dream by Lil Mosey…..I like these artists because I enjoy listening to rap but my favorite rap is the type that has a good meaning and is very lyrical. All of the artists that I named have very lyrical songs which all have good meanings.” said Totten 

Music has an impact on different people in different ways, it brings people together and can spread positivity and happiness throughout the world and people around you. 

“Music impacts my life in so many ways. It’s very rare that you see me walking down the hallway without my airpods in. I use music as an escape. When I listen to music I forget about all of the stress in my life. I also use music as a way to bond with my friends. Me and 3 of my friends share a spotify account and we have conversations and debates about our music. It brings us much closer,” said Totten. 

Senior student Alexis Warren gave her opinion on her favorite music genres.

“I don’t really have a favorite music genre, artist, or song. If I like what song is playing, I like it. I’ll listen to anyone from any genre,” said Warren.