These Seniors are Outta Here!

Photographer: Kathy Taylor

Destin Schroeder , Writer

A popular high school sport here at MHS has recently said goodbye to the seniors at their final home game this year. Softball had their senior night in Marshfield on October 7. The game didn’t quite go the way the Lady Jays would’ve liked as they lost to Buffalo with the final score being 19-13. Some of the highlights from that game include senior softball player Taylor Byrd’s 3-4 hitting performance with an RBI (runs batted in) to go along with it. Freshman player Morgan Green started the game pitching for the Lady Jays. She pitched 5.1 innings, threw 100 pitches, and struck out 2 batters on the opposing team.

“It’s sad that i’m leaving behind a sport I’ve known my whole life but kind of exciting I’m about to start my life.” said Byrd.

 Another senior member of the softball team, Reagan Rovig said, “Playing my last game was nerve racking. I wanted to play my very best since it would be my last time my town could see me play on that field. It was very emotional but all in all I had fun.” 

High School sports can teach you a lot of life lessons as we all know, it can impact you and everyone around you in many ways. 

“Softball has changed my life because it has taught me not only to be a teammate but how to compete in life and stay mentally tough…It has taught me to stay strong through the losses and celebrate through the wins,” said Byrd. 

“Softball has shown me that you have to keep proving yourself and never settle. It has also given me friendships and shown me that you have to keep believing in yourself when nobody else will,” said Rovig. 

These seniors may have played their last game in their hometown of Marshfield, but it will not be their last time taking the field. The final regular season game was held on October 14, at Willard. Districts began on Wednesday, October 16 at Reeds Springs, where they will be playing against West Plains.