Freshman Health Fair


Freshman students getting his hearing checked.

Ethan Ragsdel, Writer

With every new school year comes a freshman health fair to do routine checkups inside the school. On Thursday, Oct. 10 MHS held their annual school health fair for this year’s freshman. The school brings the check-ups to school, so it’s easier and more convenient for the students’ families, all while ensuring the schools kids are healthy. Health professionals come in to the school for the day and check up on the whole freshman class. When asked what her job was one of the health professionals said, “We’re checking hearing and blood pressure before the students are finished with their evaluations.”

Students have different opinions on the health fair. “Some kids look at it as a great opportunity and make the best of it. Macie Vestal, freshman, said “It was nice to get out of class, and come up here. The only thing was that my blood pressure was checked and it was a little high, but my hearing, vision and everything else went well.” Students get the chance to make sure their health is where it should be with very nice and caring health professionals, Vestal said “I feel very healthy, and they were very nice and polite.” 

Rian Hall, freshman, isn’t a big fan of health fairs. Hall would much rather be in class doing work that she could get a headstart on. Hall feels it was just a normal health fair “All health fairs are the same, so if you’ve been to one then you’ve been to all of them.”

Hall also said “It was just like a normal health fair, they did lice checks, and they checked eyes and ears also.”

All in all, with all the opinions about the health fair, it was a success. The students are healthy and the school doesn’t have to worry about their new freshman.