Leaves are Fall-ing

Destin Schroeder, Writer

The time to start wearing your jackets and warm clothes has finally arrived. With summer just ending, it’s bringing in Fall and also a lot of mixed emotions. Many people are set to enjoy the cool weather and the change of scenery nature is set to undergo, but others are still latching on to the hot summer days.

 “My least favorite thing about fall is that the weather is so unpredictable, your heater needs to be on in the morning, and your AC(air conditioning) needs to be on blasting after school,” said senior Mallory Totten.

 Of course there are no shortage of different opinions out there , so it’s easy to expect some people who enjoy the fall season.

 “My favorite season is in a tie between Fall and Winter because both of those seasons just makes me really happy and they are both filled with exciting things to do,” said sophomore Kennedy Hilburn.

So far this fall weather has failed to really take affect. With it being almost 3 weeks into the new season, the usual drop in temperature has yet to be drawn in with some of the temperatures being hotter than we’ve seen from the summer days this year. Temperatures since the start of Fall have been as high as 85 degrees, which is obviously not typical Fall weather. Another thing that has yet to take full affect is the scenery that Fall brings. The usual brown leaves covering the ground and bare trees have yet to become a usual sight. The only assumption is that these changes will slowly start to come as will the Fall festivities. Usual festivities include family events, such as pumpkin carving, football games or big family events with meals. Some students were asked what came to their minds when they thought of Fall. 

“Pumpkins, corn mazes, and scary movies make me think of fall,” said junior Maile Peck.

 “Hanging out around a bonfire telling spooky stories, going to pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, raking leaves, I also think of summer clothing with a jacket and a beanie…I usually visit my brother in Kentucky and visit with my niece who is three and my one year old nephew,” said senior Tayler Breslofsky. 

Although there is plenty of time for the leaves to flow threw the cool Fall breeze and fun events to begin, many people are getting more and more prepared for those moments.