Ethan Ragsdel, Writer

One of the new clubs MHS has to offer is FTA, which stands for Future Teachers of America. This club isn’t all that new to the school, as it used to be intact about 8 years ago. The club previously had to come to an end due to the teacher who hosted it retiring. After being sponsored by Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) the school decided to bring it back, because they thought it would be a great learning opportunity for students who would like to pursue teaching as a career. As of now,  Lisa Dieken, the club sponsor has about 15-20 students already signed up for the club. Dieken won’t be the only teacher there to help students, she’ll be joined by a number of elementary teachers. Dieken said “We’re hoping in the future this class can be offered as an actual class. Dieken’s plans for the potential future class, is to make it a two step course you could take as a junior and senior.

The club plans to do a lot of community service and outreach, along with that they plan to do some service projects for teachers, such as teacher appreciation projects. Dieken said, “My opinion is new and that we’re all gonna learn this together.” With every meeting the club has there will be a theme, whether that is exploring colleges with teaching programs, guest speakers, the different paths for teaching, or even something about the kind of strengths needed to be a teacher according to Deiken.

Junior Jaysa Nissen was ecstatic when hearing about the club She said, “I wanted to join the club because I figured it would help benefit my future considering I want to be a teacher.” Nissen hopes to be informed on what she needs to do to “prepare for my future in teaching.” Nissen says this will help her understand what she needs to do to accomplish her goal of being a teacher and gaining good knowledge from teachers, all while having fun in a club setting.

The clubs first meeting is Sept. 12 after school in room in 115, Deiken says there will be a regional meeting sometime in Oct. the details are not yet known, but the FTA class will cover that in a later date.